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12/13~12/15/2019 @ 10am & 1:30pm

2019 歲末除舊迎新七壇懺會

Year-End Repentance Event


Year-End Events


歡迎外地善信大德通訊/傳真/電郵報名,不能親臨者,報名亦得佛佑消業增福。 有意做法會主祈人、功德主者,加速消業功德,請聯絡本寺。

The event is open to public. Everyone is welcome to join and receive the blessings.

For out-of-state and overseas registrants, please submit your forms by mail, fax or email. 

For special request or to receive exclusive blessings, please contact us for details.

時間表 schedule

12/13  Fri

10:00am:真佛寶懺 True Buddha Repentance

1:30pm: 金母寶懺  Golden Mother Repentance

3:00pm大悲寶懺 Great Compassion Repentance

12/14 Sat

10:00am:地藏寶懺 Ksitigarbha  Repentance

1:30pm 三昧水懺  Samadhi Water Repentance

12/15 Sun

10:00am: 88佛洪名寶懺 88 Buddhas Great Repentance


1:30pm:淨土寶懺 Pureland Repentance 

下載報名表 Forms

功德主報名表 (中文)

Main Supplicant 
Registration Form (Eng)

Regular Registration

拜懺 Repentance

2) 『安奉太歲、各類祈福殿及點光明燈』

Installation of Annual Guardian (Tai Suey) , Various Blessing Halls & Annual Luminous Light

Annual Luminous Light, Installation of Annual Guardian (Tai Suey) Hall,

Medicine Buddha Hall, Prosperity and Fortune Hall, Wisdom Hall, Harmony Hall & Marici Hall for special blessing


今年是『庚子年 虞起星君』  正沖:屬 鼠、馬 。  偏沖:屬 兔 、羊、雞。

2020 Year of Rat's Tai Suey is General Yú qǐ
Zodiac in directly conflict: Rat, Horse

Zodiac in indirect conflict: Rabbit, Sheep, Rooster

Generally and secularly, many people may think that Annual Guardian (Tai Suey) propitiation and offering ritual is only required for those whose Zodiac signs are conflicted with Tai Suey of the year. The truth is, in order to promote happiness and longevity, to extinguish personal spiritual obstacles, and to create good spiritual cause, paying respect to Tai Suey of the year is highly recommended to everyone regardless of your Zodiac sign. 

**Special discount will be given to people who are signing up for “seven-in-one” package. Please call for details.**

下載報名表 Forms


​TaiSuey & Blessing Lights Form

2020 Taisuey


CNY Yellow Jambhala Event (Seven Sessions)

黃財神法會時間表 Yellow Jambhala Event Calendar

1/25/2020 (Sat) 10am, 11am, 1:30pm, 3pm

1/26/2020 (Sun) 10am, 11am, 1:30pm

 財神賜福速速發! May God of Wealth Generating You the Karma of Prosperity!


Event main supplicant options also available. Please call for details. **We welcome free-will donations as well as signing up as a main supplicant for the event** 

 更歡迎為您及您的家人報名齊來參與難得的殊勝法會活動。 祝 一切光明自在,諸事如意。

 Please join us and also register your love ones for this auspicious event. May everyone rejoice in peace, purity, and feeling at ease under all circumstances!


2020 Yellow Jambhala
2020 Year End Event

報名方式 Way to Register


1) 請親自到「薩迦雷藏寺」報名。Visit Sacramento True Buddha Temple personally.

2) 來信報名、傳真或電郵均可,現已接受報名。Mail, fax or email us the registration form.


支票抬頭Please make check payable to :Sacramento True Buddha Temple / STBT



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